Indigo Nails Lab Ireland Nails Art Supplies

Official distributor of Indigo Nails Lab products in Ireland. We supply nail art and nail care products to nail salons and nail bars. Our extensive range of professional nail polish, nail gel and nail salon products will suit everyone. A nail stylist is a fantastic job that allows you to pursue your hobby and upgrade your skills every day. You give your customers the best product: knowledge, experience and creativity. Every single day Indigo Nails Lab work to of simplifying and accelerate your work. The state-of-the art technologies, best quality of the products, guarantee of persistence and most beautiful colours will make you happy.

You will find here Nail Polish, Nail Gel Polish, Gel on Brush, Acrylic Systems, Gel systems, Nail Art Products, Nail Art Accessories and Nail Art Brushes

We want everyone who begins working with Indigo Nails Lab products to be sure that they have finally found the brand that takes care of the customer’s needs. Your opinion is extremely important to us. We always pay attention to your ideas and do all we can to meet your requirements. Our wonderful customers tell us we have been developing at a rapid pace and we can proudly and happily confirm their statement. The Indigo Lab products are used every day in Spa and beauty salons in 23 countries of Europe, Australia, Canada and Africa. Now Indigo products are available in Ireland. Thank you for having chosen Indigo. Thank you for your trust. We can promise we will never let you down and will always do our best for you.

Visit our online shop at Visit our shop in Sligo. 30 Castle Street, Contact us 0719144654


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