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  • Matrioshka Hand Cream Indigo 100ml

    Unique nourishing properties and a beautiful, sensual scent are your dream combination? You'll find it in hand cream Matrioshka! Take the convenient bottle with a pump with you wherever, you want to go! Are sensual aromas not your cup of tea? Then you'll like Matrioshka scent at a first use. Sweet notes of caramel and vanilla are contrasted with a red...

    € 7,00
  • Love Story Hand Cream Indigo 100ml

    Perfect nourishing cosmetic? The one which will not only take care of your skin but also caress your senses! Just as scented hand cream Love Story does! A handy bottle will be with you wherever you'll go. If you like mysterious scents than Love Story is just for you! The unique combination of warm aroma of coffee and vanilla with a spicy note of pink...

    € 7,00
  • Orient Hand Cream Indigo 100ml

    Treat yourself in the middle of the day! Take a moment to relax with a wonderful nourishing hand cream in a hypnotising scent Orient! Handy bottle with a pump can be taken to work or a trip. Inspired by far east the scent Orient will take you to another world and provide ultimate relaxing experience. Rich, sensual aroma of spices creates an unforgettable,...

    € 7,00
  • Bella Vita Hand Cream Indigo 100ml

    A hand care is a part of your daily routine? Bella Vita hand cream will not only provide hydration but also caress senses with a beautiful scent. This scent will enhance your charisma and class! A handy 100-milliliter bottle can go with you wherever you might need it.  Bella Vita is a scent created for a modern woman who is strong, independent, yet...

    € 7,00

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