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    Applicator for MetalManix® Multi Chrome Wondering how to get that perfect mirror effect on your nails? Metal Manix® Multi Chrome should be applied on a product without dispersion layer. But with what? Our applicator! It allows you to spread the powder evenly and precisely on gel or top coat without dispersion layer, and then gently rub it until you get...

    € 0,30
  • Metal Manix ® Effect Silver

    Introducing, brand new dust which will help you get a lasting chrome effect on your nails. MetalManix is a dream come true for millions of women who want pure mirror shine on their nails. Create unique, sparkly designs on your nails. Tempting and ultra-feminine Metal Manix ® is a choice for any occasion. How to apply Metal Manix ®? - the same way you...

    € 3,90
  • Metal Manix ® Effect Light Gold

    Metal Manix ® Effect Light Gold We present you completely new powder which allows you to get chrome effect on your nails. Metal Manix ® makes come true dreams of women all over the world who dreamed about pure, mirror stylization. Allure everybody around with unique, shining nail design.Daring and extraordinary, feminine Metal Manix ® Light Gold is a...

    € 3,90
  • Metal Manix ® Multi Chrome

    Metal Manix ® Multi Chrome The dream about soft silver mirror nail stylization finally comes true. The effect of chrome on your nails! Create lovely perfect chrome nails with Metal Manix ® Multi Chrome and Arte Brillante Collection just in few seconds! Fell in love with this extraordinary glow.Do you want to create a beautiful mirror nail? It's very...

    € 9,00
  • Metal Manix ® 24-carat gold

    A manicure straight from Hollywood! Shimmering nails with a glow of real 24k gold. If you want to achieve a beautiful "chrome" nails in a warm gold shade? No problem! 1. Get your nails ready: - matt the surface with a buffer or nail file 100/180 with an 180 side - remove any grease and dust with Cleaner - put on Acid Free Primer or an Acid Primer 2. Apply...

    € 3,90
  • Metal Manix ® Russian Gold

    The warmest shade of classic gold - Metal Manix ® is perfect for enrich a toned down manicure. Choose Sugar Effect when you want your gold in a lighter shade or a Paint Gel to create darker shade of warm gold. The perfect solution for New Year's Eve and carnival and during the holiday season. If you want to achieve a beautiful "chrome" nails in a warm...

    € 3,90
  • Metal Manix ® Pink Gold

    Are you still looking for the perfect shade of gold? Pick the most refined shade that combines gold and pink in perfect ratio! Beautiful manicure on your nails in a matter of seconds - apply Sugar Effect or a Paint Gel and your nails will shine with a warm shade of gold! 1. Get your nails ready: - matt the surface with a buffer or nail file 100/180 with...

    € 3,90
  • Metal Manix ® Tiffany Effect

    Discover chrome nails in a shade of refreshing green colour! It will look amazing on your nails! It will be great additional to holiday and carnival manicure when every woman wants to shine bright!

    € 3,90

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