Indigo - Take Your Time Monomer 150ml

Indigo - Take Your Time Monomer 150ml

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INDIGO Take Your Time Monomer 150ml

Monomer dedicated to all beginner stylists. And those having beginner course participants!

Acrylic method is a real art which requires a lot of practice. The initial phase is not easy but it’s worth the effrort so don’t get discouraged easily.If you are temted by the unique Indigo acrylic powders but you have your doubts about the acrylic method.

INDIGO Take Your Time Monomer 150ml

Indigo Nails Lab Take Your Time Monomer 

The formula was designed for beginner stylists, to enable them mastering the proportions of liquid and powder. Thanks to Take Your Time Monomer creating the skeleton, lenghtening “the bed”, but above all modelling the smile line is much easier. After getting some practice we recommend switching to the traditional Nail Liquid.

We recommend Take Your Time Monomer for the advanced stylists on hot summer days.

Instuctors Team from Italy, France and Australia – the hottest of all the continents – confirm Indigo that Take Your Time Monomer can handle even the greatest summer heats.

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