06 Ayo Indigo Illumination Gel

06 Ayo Indigo Illumination Gel

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06 Ayo Indigo Illumination Gel

Basic colour: Emerald

Aura: Silver, mint, sea, yellow, pink

Emerald colour gel shimmers silver and pink shades, so it gives completely unique effect on your gel or acrylic nails.

Curing time:


This product is only for UV lamp use!!!

Capacity: 8 ml

06 Ayo Indigo Illumination Gel

Indigo Illumination is a selection of metallic colours with a double luminescsnce, which change their shade depending on the exposure to light.

These gels have very delicate structure – the effect is best after 1 coat of a dark gel plus 1 coat of a chosen Illumination gel.

They are astonishing for nail shading – you can combine them with all Indigo gels freely, creating your own unique colours.

Indigo Illumination - metallic gels with cosmic aura!

While creating new colours we keep on mind what's recently trendy in nail stylization field, we care about the environment and our client's sugestions. Now we are inspired by... Universe!

Indigo Illumination is a palette of metallic colours with vivid glow. It's shade changes depending on light intensity. Daring, metallic colours magnetize both fans of 'Space Odyssey' and fans of shining, cosmic nails!

  • Illumination gels have a delicate structure - to get 100% of covering just with one layer, we have to apply it on a dark base coat.
  • They're perfect for nail ombre - you can mix them with all Indigo gels, creating your own unique colours.

How to use Illumination collection?

  1. Push away cuticles
  2. Matt nail plate with file (grid 180) or persian block
  3. Apply Indigo Cleaner, Indigo Acid Primer or Indigo Acid Free Primer
  4. Harden Indigo Base&Top 1 min in CCFL or 2 min in UV lamp
  5. Apply one layer of gel polish from chosen Indigo dark colour: black, dark blue, cherry red etc. and let it cure in a lamp
  6. Apply one layer of Illumination gel polish , curing time 2min in UV lamp
  7. Put Indigo Base&Top
  8. Wipe dispersion layer with Indigo Cleaner
  9. Illumination gels you can use on a natural nail plate or on extended gel or acrylic nails
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