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  • Indigo Scissors 1

    A professional scissors are among key tools in nail stylist work. Thin, precise blade helps in getting into nooks and crannies but at the same time is safe for nail plate. Indigo scissors provides movement precision when cutting forms, templates and stickers. Classic handle is very comfortable and makes work a lot easier. Scissors are made out of surgical...

    € 15,00
  • Indigo Scissors 2

    Cutting the cuticles is one of the most important steps of the manicure. With a help of professional Indigo scissors, it's going to be very easy. The thin, slightly curved blade is not only very precise but also designed to minimise the possibility of damaging nail or finger.They will make cutting forms, templates and decals a lot easier. The short handle...

    € 15,00
  • Indigo Scissors 3

    You simply cannot work in your nail salon without professional scissors, can you?  Indigo scissors will take care of cuticles in no time, thin, curved blade will help you perform manicure in a precise and delicate way. You can use them for cutting forms, templates and decals. The classic handle makes provides a strong and comfortable grip. Scissors are...

    € 15,00
  • Indigo Scissors 4

    It's hard to imagine working as a nail stylist without professional tools like cuticle scissors. A thin, precise blade in a conical shape will provide a precise movement during the procedure. They are safe for nail plate. You can use them to remove cuticles and to cut forms, templates and decals. The special shape of the long handle makes them fit...

    € 15,00

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