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  • Mermaid Effect® Neon Green

    Are you looking for an original and spectacular idea for nail design? Mermaid Effect in an amazing, neon green is an answer to your needs! Delicate dust is very easy to apply - it takes only a few steps to transform your manicure into amazing nail design! Enjoy a shimmering golden- green surface that can be created in a matter of minutes! The Mermaid...

    € 2,80
  • Mermaid Effect® Neon Lila

    Amazing nail design in a couple of minutes? All you need to do is to reach for the Mermaid Effect® in a unique, neon purple! Beautiful sparkly dust creates a shiny surface which shimmers in shades of gold and purple. You'll love it with no doubt. This tiny thing looks amazing and transforms manicure! You can create two finishes by applying The Mermaid...

    € 2,80
  • Mermaid Effect® Neon Orange

    Looking to transform the entire nail design?The Mermaid Effect® Neon Orange can perform amazing tricks in seconds! If you want a summer freshness and to add some spark to your nails you couldn't find a better product! Amazing, intense golden orange dust sparkles beautifully while creating a hypnotic effect. The Mermaid Effect® is very easy to apply. All...

    € 2,80
  • Mermaid Effect® Neon Pink

    Do you fancy an amazing, vibrant manicure? Mermaid Effect® Neon Pink is what you are looking for! Delicate dust sparkles in shades of pink and gold and creates a spectacular ornament. Neon Mermaid Effect is a small thing that creates a big results and adds a spark to any nail design! You need a little effort to create amazing manicure. Mermaid Effect is...

    € 2,80
  • Mermaid Effect® Neon Yellow

    Do you dream about summer look on your nails? Mermaid Effect® Neon Yellow will help you create it in just a few minutes! Delicate dust will sparkle on your nails in shades of yellow and gold creating a spectacular, sunny glow. This is an essence of summer and amazing way to lift your mood! And what's the best part? How easy it is to create two different...

    € 2,80
  • Mermaid Effect®
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    Mermaid Effect®

    Mermaid Effect is a sparkling dust in a tiny box that will steal your heart. It's very easy and fast to apply and the effect is durable. All you need is to apply a tiny amount of Mermaid to make the entire nail shine with a million of tiny sparks and draw everyone's attention. Create a magical manicure with Indigo Mermaid Effect! HOW TO USE IT: 1. FROST...

    € 2,80
  • Mermaid Effect® Emerald

    Luxurious nail effect? Mermaid Effect® with sparkling flecks in a shade of emerald will help you create a sophisticated, elegant and unique manicure in a matter of minutes. Delicate and sparkly dust will combine with any colour and transform the entire manicure into beautiful design. With professional Indigo Mermaid Effect, you're guaranteed to create a...

    € 2,80
  • Mermaid Effect® - Pastel Pink

    Mermaid Effect® is a very fine, subtle, shimmering dust in a shade of pastel pink which in a couple of minutes will transform traditional gel polish manicure into a worthy of a princess. Mermaid Effect will surprise you with efficiency, durability and easy application. Mermaid Effect enchants customers with its magical shine and  spectacular manicure! HOW...

    € 2,80
  • Mermaid Effect® Aquarius

    Shining nails in a shade of pastel blue? Mermaid Effect ® in a magical Aquarius shade will help you create this amazing effect! It's a perfect ornament for summer but it'll also look great in winter time. This nail design can be worn all year round to enjoy a spectacular shine of a beautiful manicure!  HOW TO USE IT: 1. FROST EFFECT create a classic gel...

    € 2,80
  • Mermaid Effect® Tiffany

    Subtle and unique nails? Mermaid Effect ® Tiffany will help you achieve a subtle nail design in shining pastel green shade. It is a great idea for a fresh and spectacular look! Indigo Mermaid Effect will enchant you with its efficiency, durability and how easy it is to change a traditional manicure into spectacular nail design worthy of fairy tale...

    € 2,80
  • Mermaid Effect® Black

    Famous Mermaid Effect® in a new, magical shade created for black nails. Applied on a dark shade it creates an amazing, sparkling surface in beautiful navy-teal shade. Enjoy a unique nail ornament created in a matter of minutes! Design your own spectacular nails by combining different effects for amazing results! Attention Mermaid Effect Black is made only...

    € 2,80
  • Mermaid Effect® Black II

    Mermaid Effect ®  Black II Mermaid effect dust in completely new version! The Mermaid Effect ® Black II creates an beautiful glow on the nail and adds depth of the Aurora Borealis by creating blue and green colour shift on a black base colour. All it takes is a couple of seconds for the magic to happen. Simple manicure will change to a spectacular nail...

    € 2,80

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