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  • Effect Holo

    Millions of tiny sparkling particles can add a shine to your nails! Holo Effect will match any base colour. This manicure will look perfect at a glamorous carnival party and for adding a bit of extravagance to more muted manicure. Give yourself and your clients a magical, shimmering nails. Holo Effect became a favourite among women from all the world.2,5...

    € 2,80
  • Effect Holo Gold

    If you dream about a spectacular, beautiful nails Holo Effect Gold is a product just for you! A sparkling ornament for your nails in a matter of seconds. Beautiful shining gold shimmering with thousand tiny particles will make any design unique. Holo Effect Gold is a perfect product for both gel and acrylic nails. Make people gasp for a new, amazing...

    € 2,80
  • Effect Holo Silver

    Beautiful effect dust that amazed women all around the world now in a silver version. Million of shimmering particles will add a spark to any manicure. The perfect product for carnival and special occasion manicure. Get the look which shines and sparkles like fairy lights. Holo Effect Silver will draw attention to your beautiful nails 2,5 grammes in a...

    € 2,80
  • Effect Holo Grapefruit Gold

    An absolute women's favourite. Manicure created with Holo Effect Grapefruit Gold will give your nails a magical glow. Millions of tiny sparks will make your nails shimmer beautifully.  A gorgeous shade of gold will be perfect for a carnival. Once you try amazing Holo Effect Grapefruit Gold you'll instantly fall in love2,5 grammes in a container

    € 2,80
  • Effect Holo Tiffany

    If you dream about manicure with a "WOW" effect we have a thing just for you! Holo Effect Tiffany - the magical, shimmering dust in a beautiful minty shade is a unique product for women who live to shine! Now our minty nails will sparkle with this amazing effect which can be created in a matter of seconds!2,5 grammes in a container

    € 2,80
  • Effect Holo Fuchsia

    If you love Holo Effect but still looking for that perfect shade we have a thing just for you! A sparkly shade of pink, shimmering with million tiny particles will forever change the way you do nails! If you fancy glamour on your nails then this product is just for you! Forget boring nails and pick Holo Effect Fuchsia - create an amazing manicure for any...

    € 2,80

    Refreshing hade of green is a perfect idea to add a spark to your look by creating a unique and elegant manicure! This is how the manicure created with Holo Effect  Green will look like! Chic and a head-turner at the same time. Million of sparkling multicoloured particles ill surely make you a centre of attention. It provides a great contrast to the black...

    € 2,80

    Do you love manicures with a colour in the centre of attention? But your bet on a cobalt shade which draws attention and will make your stand out! Amazing, absolutely charming colour and sparkling particles - this is the amazing Holo Effect Indigo. Once applied the magic dust will transform your manicure into a dazzling ornament that will turn heads!...

    € 2,80

    Heavenly beautiful nail ornament? All you need to do is take magic Holo Effect Blue powder in a beautiful shade of cool blue with a tint of grey. Multicoloured particles sparkle beautifully and transform the manicure depending on the way light hits the surface, making the subtle colour absolutely stunning! It's a perfect idea for amazing gel polish...

    € 2,80

    Nail design that never fails to bring a smile on your face? It's possible! All you need to do is create a simple but very spectacular manicure with Holo Effect Pink dust. Seet and yet stylish shade of pink and beautiful shiny particles create a manicure worthy of a smile! Create gel polish manicure that will put everyone in a good mood - it's easier than...

    € 2,80

    Original nail design where the lead role is played by a unique, vibrant colour? Pick Holo Effect Violet - amazing dust in a beautiful, deep shade of violet that will make your manicure more saturated and spectacular. Though it's a dark shade it looks cheerful thanks to a shiny, multicoloured particles. Enjoy an amazing manicure during any season!...

    € 2,80

    Are you dreaming about the royal shine on the nails? Check out Holo Effect Royal Gold - amazing dust in a gold shade that brings memories of walking in a park among warm, breathtaking colours of nature. Millions of golden-copper particles shine and add a warm, pleasant charm to the hands. Colour looks great with reds, browns and oranges but also different...

    € 2,80

    Copper nails? Why not! If you love unconventional and vibrant shades than Holo Effect Copper is just for you! Amazing shade of copper is associated with beautiful autumn leaves and the sparkling particles create a shimmering surface which draws attention. Thi is a recipe for an original manicure in warm tone. Amazing shade will look great in combination...

    € 2,80

    Would you like to add a bit of warmth to your manicure? Just add a little bit of amazing Holo Effect Brown in a beautiful shade of chocolate brown! This beautiful colour is perfect for the autumn aura, particles sparkling with shades of gold, red and green will add a charming glow to your nails. Gel polish manicure with Holo Effect Brown can be a...

    € 2,80

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