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    Are you looking for the manicure that will draw people's attention and make you stand out from the crowd? Check out Pixel Effect in a spectacular, neon yellow colour! Small 'pixels' sparkle in shades of gold and yellow creating a unique three-dimensional effect. You can create this amazing manicure without much effort - these tiny flecks are very easy to...

    € 3,35

    Do you want a spectacular manicure? Pixel Effect in a neon shade of green is just perfect for you! Tiny, golden-green "pixels" sparkle beautifully creating a dazzling effect. These particles are very easy to use - all you need is a couple of steps to change regular manicure into a beautiful nail design. Neon Pixel Effect should be applied on a similar...

    € 3,35

    Do you love vibrant shades and sparkles? Pixel effect in neon orange has been created just for you! Tiny, golden-orange "pixels" sparkle beautifully and create amazing and unique effect. The application of the particles is very easy - all you need is a couple of minutes to create amazing nail design! Neon Pixel should be applied on gel polish in a similar...

    € 3,35

    Do you love jewellery? Treat yourself with a beautiful nail ornament! Pixel Effect in neon pink is a perfect detail that will lighten up your look! Tiny particles shimmer in shades of gold and pink creating a three-dimensional effect. The application takes only a few minutes and the effect is outstanding. This is a sure way to create original and quick...

    € 3,35

    Are you looking for a way to brighten your manicure? Pixel Effect in neon purple is perfect for you! These tiny sparks will take your heart by storm just after a first use!  Shades of gold and purple look beautiful and create a spectacular effect. These shimmering flecks are very easy to apply - all you need is a couple of steps to transform everyday...

    € 3,35
  • Pixel Effect Cinderella

    Do you dream about beautiful sparkling nail design? Are you looking for a manicure that will draw attention? Then Pixel Effect is just for you! Our amazing effect dust can be applied on any colour- each will create a different effect which will bring a smile on your face.  If you apply it on a wet colour or top it will create the well known and beloved...

    € 3,35
  • Pixel Effect Snow White

    A fairy tale nail design in a matter of minutes? With Pixel Effect Snow White it is possible. Irredescent Pink, blue and silver sparks will add a unique touch to any manicure. Allow yourself a bit of extravagance. Indigo Pixel can be applied on any colour, on one or all nails, in a smooth or a shimmering frost. Shine!HOW TO USE IT: 1. THE FROST EFFECT...

    € 3,35
  • Pixel Effect Emerald Black

    Pixel Emerald is a perfect product for women who look for a unique nail design. Opalescent flecks reflect the light and shimmer in shades of green and navy blue. Go crazy! Apply Indigo Pixel effect on one or all nails, create a smooth surface or make it look like a shimmering frost and draw everyone's attention! APPLICATION: 1. FROST EFFECTcreate a...

    € 3,35

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