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    Applicator for MetalManix® Multi Chrome Wondering how to get that perfect mirror effect on your nails? Metal Manix® Multi Chrome should be applied on a product without dispersion layer. But with what? Our applicator! It allows you to spread the powder evenly and precisely on gel or top coat without dispersion layer, and then gently rub it until you get...

    € 0,30
  • Effect Holo Manix

    Do you fancy a mirror finish on your nails? Maybe you dream about a perfectly smooth surface of a rainbow mirror on your manicure? Now you can make your dreams come true with our Metal Manix Holo! Create your own unicorn nails in a few seconds with a new Holo Manix effect. The application is very simple. Put it on products without dispersive layer such...

    € 13,00
  • Holo Manix Set

    Dry Top + HoloManixHololManix Set includes Dry Top 5ml.All is closed is in a beautiful package.The set is the perfect gift idea for any stylist!

    € 20,50

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