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  • GlassMe - Rainbow

    It is time for a sparkling manicure every star deserves! GlassMe Indigo is an extremely fine dust in georgues pearl color which makes your nail glitter in purple, blue and green shades- like a real rainbow! It creates a dazzling smooth surface on your nail without masking the base color. GlassMe not only charmes you with it's beautiful gleam but also with...

    € 10,00
  • GlassMe - Volcano

    Time for a manicure which explodes with spectacular shine! GlassMe Volcano is a fine powder in a beautiful silver-white colour which transforms the manicure and makes it shine with opalescent shades of intense pink, green and gold. You'll fall in love with a smooth surface that doesn't mute the base colour. GlassMe will surprise you not only with amazing...

    € 10,00
  • Glammer Gold

    Subtle but attention drawing manicure? You'll create it in a matter of seconds with an amazing effect Glammer Gold! This fine powder in a spectacular golden shade creates a beautiful pearly surface on the nail. If you want to finish the manicure in a subtle way, apply the dust on a light or pastel shade - the effect will be more visible after applying on...

    € 9,30
  • Glammer Silver

    Do you dream about nail design with an amazing pearly surface? Glammer Silver is everything you've been looking for to create a glamour manicure! A very fine powder in silver shade will transform the nail into a beautiful pearl! You can apply it on a light or pastel shade to create a subtle finish - applied on a dark shade it will create a more visible...

    € 9,30

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