Snow Effect

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  • Black Snow

    Black is classic that invariably arouses admiration. Do you dream of spectacular, frosted nails in this timeless shade? Reach for Black Snow - clearly visible and palpable under the finger particles in black with the addition of sparkling silver. They will allow you to create a perfect manicure that suits every stylization and will beautifully combine...

    € 2,80
  • Black Snow XL

    Nail effects with sparkling flecks are the perfect recipe for celebrity manicure. When the particles are XL size, the nail manicure is even more spectacular! Black Snow XL is ideal for carnival parties and every occasion when you want to shine. The little flecks resemble a phenomenal sequin dress taht attract attention like a magnet. Usage:create hybrid,...

    € 2,80
  • White Snow

    Indigo White Snow effect - beautiful white and silver particles glittering like a pure, immaculate crystal. Apply it on white foundation to create a nail manicure that even a Snow Queen would admire. Other colors will be effectively dimmed (for example black will become a graphite). If you are looking for an extraordinary party manicure, put on White...

    € 2,80

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