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  • Salon Perfume Seventh Heaven

    Cozy atmosphere in the salon is a must, right? A beautiful, timeless scent of Indigo Seventh Heaven will help you to create it! A romantic note of rose, white flowers, tangerine and bergamot is an essence of grace, elegance and femininity! Indigo salon perfumes Seventh Heaven will make your clients feel like at home. Let the heavenly aroma stay with you...

    € 17,50
  • Salon Perfume Raspberry Love

    Do you want to caress the senses of your clients? Indigo Raspberry Love salon fragrance will help you! Sweet, fruity scent is tasty and tempting like a dessert! It will work great during summer days but don't change it during cold seasons - it will bring memories of sunny days and happy vibes! Raspberry aroma is a very optimistic scent - it will bring a...

    € 17,50
  • Salon Perfume ARÔME 99

    Would you like to add an exotic vibe to your salon? Check out fresh, fruity scent Indigo Arôme 99! Sweet, sensual notes of orange, red berries, raspberries and orchid will transport you and your clients to an exotic beach, make you feel relaxed and happy! Indigo salon fragrance is a perfect choice not only for the summer day. This refreshing, unique aroma...

    € 17,50

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