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Indigo Foil Glue 5ml
Nail Art

Glue Foil 5ml

Glue Foil 5ml Indigo Foil Glue is applied at the very last stage of the styling. We apply a coat of gloss top coat gel and cure the nails under UV lamp as usual. Then we mattify and cleanse the surface and apply a coat of glue. The application is very easy as the Indigo Foil Glue has a comfortable wide brush. We wait until the colour of the glue turns...
Super Gold  - Transfer Foil
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Nail Art

Super Gold - Transfer Foil

Super Gold  - Transfer Foil Over 130 foils to choose from! Holographic or monochromatic, intensely bright end delicately pastel, laces, flowers, marbles, geommetric patterns, leopard prints, snake skin prints and many others. We use it for gel, acrylic and hybrid nails. Tip: we apply the foil to Indigo Foil Glue. 
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