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Removable Base Mini


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tax incl.

Working with a normal nail plate? Great! Indigo Gel Polish Base Removable is dedicated to nails in a good condition. Base coat creates a protective barrier on them and a very sticky dispersive layer makes the colour stay in a great condition up to 6 weeks! If you work fast with this base coat, you will be able to create a C-curve.

Benefits of Indigo Gel Polish Base Removable:

  • slightly self-levelling - smoothing out the imperfections on a nail plate,
  • flexible - cooperates well with natural nail plate,
  • durable - no chipping even up to 6 weeks,
  • delicate formula - protects natural nails,
  • dissolves easily - speeds up your work and makes it easier.

Curing time:

  • Dual LED lamp - 30 seconds
  • UV Lamp - 2 minutes


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