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Removable Top Coat Pro White Mini


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Looking for a top coat which will highlight the perfect, snow white French tip? Indigo Top Coat Pro White is made for this! Thanks to UV factors it prevents the white tip from turning yellow and keeps it a pure shade of white. It's a perfect top coat for nail designs created with pastel shades and nudes. It amps up shades of blue, purple and pink. Creates a perfect finish on light shades and adds a subtle glow to the dark shades.

Benefits of Indigo Pro White Removable Top Coat:

  • beautiful shine - beautiful finish on a manicure,
  • elastic - easy to spread and smooth out the nail surface,
  • durable - protects and adds colour depth,
  • UV factors - ideal for a french manicure, paste and nude shades,
  • dissolves in Remover - no need for filing.

Curing time:

  • Dual LED lamp - 30 seconds
  • UV lamp - 2 minutes

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