Dry Top Coat Super Shine 5 ml

Dry Top Coat Super Shine Mini

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Dry Top Coat Super Shine 

Polish top coat, doesn't leave dispersion layer.

Dedicated for gel polish manicure but it can be used also for finishing gel polish or acrylic stylization.

Dry Top is not removable with Lanoline Remover - you have to remove it with a file with 100/180 grit.

  • Lovely shining gel polish top
  • Will protect your stylization for many weeks
  • It's not removable in Lanoline Remover - to remove it from nail, you have to use a file with 100/180 grit

    Curing time:

    • LED lamp - 30 seconds
    • UV lamp - 2 minutes

    For week nails it's better to improve their strenght with Keratin Base, Ultra Strong Base or with our new Protein Base!

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