Arôme 99 - SHEA Butter Indigo SPA 75ml Expand

Arôme 99 - SHEA Butter Indigo SPA 75ml



€ 10,00

tax incl.

Shea Butter with Arôme 99 scent has amazing regenerating properties.

  • Beautiful scent will stay on your skin for long hours
  • It can be used as hair serum or lip balm
  • Fruity and unique perfume note will definitely make you smile
  • Shea Butter manicure is a real revolution for your nails and hands
  • It not only nourishes and strengthens the nail plate but also moisturise your cuticles and your hands
  • It’s suitable for every skin type
  • It may be used as hair conditioner. It prevents hair splitting and brittleness.

Capacity 75 ml


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