Happy Nail Polish 10ml
Happy Nail Polish 10ml
Happy Nail Polish 10ml
Happy Nail Polish 10ml

Happy Nail Polish 10ml

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Happy Nail Polish 

What else makes us happy about this Nail Polish? Well it's not just the name - It is the perfect sweet shade of pink that melts all your troubles away!

Why stick to just one colour? 
Change your nail polish colour as often as you like by using Indigo Nail Polish Remover. A gentle, fast and clean removal everytime.

Do you want your nail polish to last longer?

If you want to make sure that your colour will last, apply it on a layer of Indigo Vinyl Base coat and protect it with Indigo Pro Top coat to seal in your amazing nails. 

Are you still looking for a nail polish that is perfect in every way, and one that you would recommend to your customers with absolute certainity? - then here it is! 

  • a vinyl ester based, formaldehyde-free formula
  • wonderful adherence to the natural nail plate
  • highly saturated colours with superb pigmentation
  • a fantastic colour palette of over 130 shades!
  • a thin consistency for easy smooth application
  • apply two coats for 100% coverage
  • non transparent and no smudging
  • flexible and durable with a lack of chipping on the free edge
  • a soft bristle brush adjusted to the nail polish consistency 
  • easy to apply around the cuticle area and to nails of any length
  • fast drying with a glossy finish
  • high quality ingredients: so the polish will not not thicken over time
  • our offers grow bigger every month!

Capacity: 10ml

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