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Removable Top Coat Pro White Mini


€ 9,25

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Gloss top coat guarantees  a long-lasting shine, protects from scratches and fading, it intensifies the colour depth and dissolves completely in the Remover.
For decorating with transfer foil apply two layers of the top coat.
Tip: cleanse the tacky layer of the top coat with a glossy Super Shine Effect Cleaner.

Indigo Led Lamp - 5 sec |CCFL - 1min | UV - 2min

" Expert in the colour field" - that's what Vogue Magazine writes about us!

" The most beautiful colours on the market!" - our clients say!

  • Gel polish and polish are completely removable in the Remover - there's no need to use file for the outer layer.
  • Delicate formula for the natural nail plate.
  • Mid-thick consistence is a guarantee of easy application: nai polish doesn't overflow cuticles and doesn't undo during curing time.
  • Overwhelming shine of polish
  • Incredible colour palette, more that 115 lovely colours to choose.
  • Reasonable price - start working with Gel Polish from immediately!

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