Easy Shape Builder 30ml

Easy Shape Builder 30ml

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  • This gel is very thick so it doesn't overflow cuticles and stays in side lines made by a nail technician
  • Easy Shape Builder doesn't burn under the lamp - gel nail stylization is efficient and easy
  • It's self-leveling gel so it evens a nail surface
  • After curing time filing is very easy
  • Lovely tunnel, perfect side lines - with Easy Shape Builder you can have it just in few moments
  • Our gel is elastic and good to file even with a soft file
  • While working on a form, Builder is like jelly but it has good adhesion to free edge

Nail technicians who prefer thin gels will appreciate formula of Easy Shape - this gel is soft, easy to model with a brush. Includes UV factors that conserves french manicure against loosing white shade. Lower temperature of polymerization doesn't give unpleasant burning feeling.

Curing time:

Capacity: 30ml

Easy Shape Builder - thick builder gel doesn't burn in the lamp!

With a pleasure we present you builder gel with the easiest application ever: thick consistence prevents before over flowing  of cuticles and stay along side edges made by stylist. In the same time strongly self-leveling so it evens nail surface.

Curing time: 2 min UV lamp, 1min CCFL and LED lamp

Right after curing time, filing is very easy. Beautiful tunnel, perfect side edges - withEasy Shape Builder you can have it just in few minutes. Gel is elastic, perfect to file with delicate file. After making a frame it acts like 'a jelly' but stays along the free edge.

Those stylist who prefer runny gels will appreciate also the formula of Easy Shape. This gel is soft, very polite and obeys the brush! Includes UV factors which protect french end before loosing perfect, white shade. Lower temperature of polimerization prevents against unpleasant burning feeling.

TIP: this gel works perfectly for natural nails or mid-lenght salon shapes hardening. When we build longer nails, it's better to use Builder Clear or Take Your Time Builder.

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