Shine On! Mini 5ml

Shine On! Mini 5ml

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Indigo Shine On! Mini 5ml

Hard polish top coat - only for polish use in gel (made by means of gels like Take Your Time, Builder Clear, Easy Shape Rosy, Easy Shape Milky Pink, Easy Shape Light Rose lub Easy Shape Cover) and acrylic stylizations.

Discover 'the winner' of many nail technicians! Shine On! is a hard gel brush without dispersion layer, made especially to polish nails constructed with acrylic or hard gel method.

It protects designs and enriches colour depth.

Soft brush makes all moves around cuticles area very smooth.


If you over-filed the extention, on the natural nail plate first we apply a primer, then Shine On!

Curing time:

Capacity: 5 ml

Indigo Shine On! Mini 5ml

Indigo Shine On! From Indigo Nails Lab Meet the favourite of all stylists! Shine On! Brush-on gel that doesn’t leave the tacky layer and is compatible with acrylic and gel methods such as Take Your Time and Builder Clear.

4 weeks after the application the nails have the same stunning shine. It wonderfully protects the ornaments and intensifies the colour depth.

The soft brush makes it very easy to work in the cuticle area.

Tip: If you file off the building layer to the natural plate, first you need to apply the primer and then the Shine On!

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