Balbina - UV Mousse Gel
Balbina - UV Mousse Gel
Balbina - UV Mousse Gel
Balbina - UV Mousse Gel

Balbina - UV Mousse Gel 4ml

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Can you even imagine a manicure without Nail Art? If the answer is no, then check out our amazing product that  will help you create any ornaments - structural, raised, intricate patterns, shading and micropainting. UV Mousse Gel has a pleasurable consistency of a thick mousse which ensures a problem-free application  - the product doesn't run down and you have all the time you need to perfect the ornaments. Indigo mousse is well pigmented and has a glossy finish which makes the topcoat application very easy. Balbina is a nude shade with a pink undertone. Mix it with other shades from this series to create unique colours and discover your artistic potential! 

Products Indigo Nails are intended only for professional use by certified Nail Stylist. To use products correctly, it is necessary to complete the training.

Advantages of Indigo Mousse Gel Balbina:

  • the consistency of thick mousse - easy application, no risk of spilling
  • amazing pigmentation - great coverage with just one coat
  • no dispersive layer - you don't have to wipe it,
  • beautiful shine - no need for top coat.


  • Lampa Dual LED - 60 seconds
  • Lampa UV - 2 minutes

Shake well before using

Combination of Nail Art and Arte Brillante

Consistency of a thick mousse

Strong pigmentation

No dispersion layer

Easy application

Ability to prefect the design

Perfect for structural, raised design, ombre, shading, micropainting, ornaments

For nail effects

Wide colour palette

Ability to mix different shades

Beautiful shine – no need for top coats

Capacity: 4ml

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