Matrioshka Hand Cream Indigo 300ml Expand

Matrioshka Hand Cream Indigo 300ml


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Do you love cosmetics which make your skin smooth and beautiful? Even better if it caresses your senses with a beautiful scent just like Matrioshka hand cream! Economic, 300 ml bottle can be a permanent addition to your bathroom. 

Are sensual aromas your cup of tea? Then you'll like Matrioshka scent at a first use. Sweet notes of caramel and vanilla are contrasted with a red fruit aroma. The effect is a warm, romantic and sensuous - perfect for chic woman for any season!

The unique formula of scented hand creams is based on nourishing properties of carefully chosen ingredients, which take care of look and condition of your skin. Try for yourself the amazing power of ingredients like D-panthenol, shea butter and sunflower oil. Let them caress your hands and make your skin extra soft!

Volume 300ml


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