Metal Manix ® Multi Chrome


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Metal Manix ® Multi Chrome

The dream about soft silver mirror nail stylization finally comes true.

The effect of chrome on your nails!

Create lovely perfect chrome nails with Metal Manix ® Multi Chrome and Arte Brillante Collection just in few seconds! Fell in love with this extraordinary glow.

Do you want to create a beautiful mirror nail? It's very easy!

1. Prepare your nails:

- matt the surface with buffer or a file 100/180

- degrease the surface with Cleaner

- apply Free Acid Primer or Acid Primer

2.apply a double layer of Protein Base

3. apply chosen shade, create ombre or a multicolour base for the dust to make your mirror look even more amazing.

4. protect the nail with Dry Top - it doesn't  create a dispersive layer which could make the surface uneven. 

5. after curing in the lamp the top layer should be completely dry - if it does not extend the curing time ;)

6. on the prepared apply Metal Manix ® Multi Chrome with our applicator to create mirror nails in all the shades your heart desires.

7. to protect the design thoroughly apply Wet Look - an elastic top coat which will not break on a double layer of protein base and will keep the design in pristine condition. (if needed apply a second coat)

You need to remember to protect the free edge of the nail - If you skip this step the design might start to rub off.

To remove nail design (protected with Dry Top and Wet Look) it needs to be slightly filed because neither Dry Top nor Wet Look won't dissolve in Remover. The next layers can be removed with Lanoline Remover.

Tips for application

If you want to create a spectacular effect with Metal Manix ® Multi Chrome you need to apply it on products without the dispersive layer.

Best product for finishing the manicure will be Wet Look, which will not only protect the design but also blend the particles of the dust.

The effect can be applied on colour gels from Arte Brillante line, on gel polish Dry Top and on gel Shine On - these products do not create the dispersive layer. 


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