MetalManix 24 carat gold Expand

Metal Manix ® 24-carat gold


€ 3,90

tax incl.

A manicure straight from Hollywood! Shimmering nails with a glow of real 24k gold.

If you want to achieve a beautiful "chrome" nails in a warm gold shade? No problem!

1. Get your nails ready:

- matt the surface with a buffer or nail file 100/180 with an 180 side

- remove any grease and dust with Cleaner

- put on Acid Free Primer or an Acid Primer

2. Apply two coats of  Protein Base

3. Apply Sugar Effect of a Paint Gel as a base colour.

4. Put a top coat on  - the best for this is Wet Look.

5. On the prepared nail put on Metal Manix ® 24k with our applicator.

6. To keep the design flawless it needs to be protected with a use of Wet Look - it's a flexible shining gel which will not crack on a double layer of Protein Base and will keep the effect safe from harm. ( If there is such need, put another layer of Wet Look)

It is important to remember to cover the free edge - this will keep the effect from rubbing of the nails.


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