Indigo Cleaner 15ml

Indigo Cleaner 15ml

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Indigo Cleaner - one of the products with the highest quality increases adhesion of items for nail plate.

We apply the cleaner to the natural plate after mattifying, removing the dust and before applying the primer.

That way we prepare the nail plate for every stylization with gel, acrylic, hybrid polishes.

Indigo Cleaner guarantees lack of air bubbles and product lifting.

It can be also used for cleansing the tacky layer. It's not recommended to use it for top coats with dispersion layer due to the content of mainly acetone, which can mattify.

For the last layer we recommend Indigo Cleaner Supershine. It’s irreplaceable!

Capacity: 15ml


Indigo Nails Lab Ireland Acetone based product which prepares the plate and increases the product’s adherence to the nails.

We apply the cleaner to the natural plate after mattifying, removing the dust and before applying the primer. That way we prepare the nail plate for every stylization with gel, acrylic, hybrid polishes. Indigo Cleaner guarantees lack of air bubbles and product lifting. It can be also used for cleansing the tacky layer.

It’s irreplaceable!

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