Indigo Acid Primer Mini 5ml

Indigo Acid Primer Mini 5ml

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Very strong product increases adhesion of acrylic and gel mass to natural nail plate.

It's also perfect for hybrid manicure.

If your clients have problems with nail plate and stylization made with Free Acid Primerare not durable, this is a time to choose stronger product.

Acid Primer we use in minimum and only when nail plate needs it. In all other cases we use Free Acid Primer.

We apply a drop in the middle of nail plare and we let the primer to spread on the nail - wait until it evaporates (Acid Primer doesn't leave the tacky layer - it passes away) then we can apply the base.

This product is recommended for clients with diaphoresis or hormonal problems.

It guarantees no air pockets and durability of nail stylization.

Tip: apply a minimum of product on nail plate.



Very strong preparation that increases the adherence of the gel/acrylic mass to the nail. It does not leave the sticky layer, acid formula. It’s worth having the product at hand when styling a customer with increased sweating problem. It guarantees the flawless adherence and lack of air bubbles.

Tip: we apply a very small amount of the product to the central part of the nail.

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