Aurora - SHEA Butter Indigo SPA 75ml Expand

Indigolicious - SHEA Butter Indigo SPA 75ml



€ 9,00

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Shea Butter Indigolicious is rich in vitamin A and B. Thanks to that your skin will become smooth and moisturised.

  • It beautifully nourishes dry and damaged hair
  • You can see the results after one application - hair will be nourished and your skin will be glowy
  • It’s perfect for body, face, hair and nails
  • It protects the skin against UV light and regenerates it
  • As lip balm, it moisturises and regenerates your lips but also it protects against cold, wind and sun
  • Shea Butter can be used as nail conditioner. They will become stronger, healthier and nourished.
  • Sensual scent of Indigolicious fragrance will stay on your skin for long hours
  • Pamper your senses with Shea Butter Indigolicious

Capacity 75 ml


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