Pop Sugar - SHEA Butter Indigo SPA 75ml Expand

Pop Sugar - SHEA Butter Indigo SPA 75ml



Shea Body Butter, with an amazing scent of Pop Sugar fragrance, has antibacterial, demulcent and healing properties.

  • It prevents stretch marks and helps to fight with those that already exist
  • Contains natural UV filters.
  • Your skin will become more resilient and it will strengthen intercellular cement
  • Vitamin A and E help to reduce wrinkles caused by f.e dryness of the skin.
  • It also helps while fighting with cellulite
  • It contains Vitamin F which relieves tired, tight and aching muscles from pain
  • The sensual scent remains on the skin for long hours.

Capacity 75 ml

€ 9,00

tax incl.


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