Seventh Heaven- SHEA Butter Indigo SPA 75ml Expand

Seventh Heaven- SHEA Butter Indigo SPA 75ml



Shea Body Butter with an amazing smell of Seventh Heaven Perfume contains natural UV filters.

  • It doesn’t clog pores and that’s why it’s perfect as a day cream or makeup base.
  • Shea butter contains beta-sitosterol which helps with hair loss.
  • It prevents stretch marks and helps to fight with those that already exist
  • After one application your skin will be moisturised and smooth
  • It quickly sinks into the skin, nourishing it. It leaves protective hydrolipid.
  • The scent that is loved by many women from all over the world. Awarded by Gold Medal 2015 during Beauty Fair

Capacity 75 ml

€ 9,00

tax incl.


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